Flight hours and license renewal

Ok, I become a pilot. And after? Plane pilots and ultralight aircraft pilots have to have a minimum of hours flown a year so their licence can be valid. What’s more, if you get your pilot licence it’s to enjoy flying.

Everyone would love to have their own plane but this is not cheap and maintaining them is expensive too. To solve this problem and to be able to fly at a reasonable price is why aeroclubs were born. Planes are bought between all the members and the expenses are divided between them with the time they spend flying.

Any member with their licence and valid qualifications necessary can fly any plane at the club.
Logically fuel and expenses have to be paid which is why prices per hour of flight are stipulated depending on the type of plane which allows it to be paid.

Time Building and Renovations
We put at your disposal the planes of the Real Aeroclub de Alicante so that you can carry out all the flight hours you want, you can complete your «time building», cross country flights (crossing) at very competitive prices.

Discover our packs of hours!

  • Renew your license and qualifications, dedicate yourself to flying and we take care of all the procedures with AESA.
  • PPL (A) license renewal.
  • Renewal and revalidation of the SEP rating.
  • Validation of foreign licenses in accordance with the JAR-FCL regulations.
  • Validation of PPL, CPL and ATPL licenses to obtain the ULM license.
  • ULM license renewal.
  • MAF revalidation.
  • Validation of ULM licenses issued outside of Spain.
  • Obtaining a RTC radiophonist rating.


The aeroclub is in charge of buying and maintaining the aircraft and carrying out the obligatory revisions. The maintenance in aviation is very serious and has strict plans, which are absolutely obligatory and have to be followed. If they are not done or any faults are detected the plane will not fly. It’s that simple, in aviation we don’t play around with security.

The aeroclub is also in charge of expenses of the hangar, the “parking” of the planes, to store them out of the sun and other meteorological inclemency. It covers runway and relative area expenses too.

Insurance is an important part and obviously obligatory for any aircraft, the aeroclub is in charge of this and keeps everything up to date.
All this work, effort and, in the end, money is what makes an aeroclub, its main reason to be there. Thanks to this the members can fly with absolute security.

In a lot of cases for the renewal of licenses a dual command is necessary, in other words, flying with an instructor who will certify your expertise to be able to do the renewal legally. In Alicante Real Aeroclub we have staff with a lot of experience and instructor certifications.

In Alicante Real Aeroclub we also do all the administrative formalities of renewal, certificates of hours of flight and all the paperwork this involves on top of advising and helping in this complex but beautiful world that is aviation.
Become a member, call us and we will explain in detail the advantages of belonging to Alicante Real Aeroclub.

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