Fleet of aircraft and facilities

The reason for being of an flying club is to make aviation available to many more people, for this it has a series of planes and facilities that allow members to fly at a reasonable price, it’s that simple, you do not need to buy a plane or be Attentive to its maintenance, you also forget about a lot of complicated procedures, the flying club takes care of everything.

If your passion is flying or you want to make aviation your way of life, if you want to plan your Time Building , being a member of the Real Aeroclub de Alicante is a magnificent opportunity to do so.

Alicante Real Aeroclub has a complete fleet of aircraft, some for the courses taught and some for member’s use. At the moment we have five aircraft, three Cessna, one Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann historic plane and a Tecnam P92..

Efficient and secure planes have been searched for and are used massively in the world because of their security and easy use. These planes are used strictly following the plans of the manufacturer.

Our planes

Our facilities

Alicante Real Aeroclub has its own hangar in the aerodrome in Mutxamel, as well as offices, classrooms and cafe/restaurant open to the general public.

Alicante Real Aeroclub is located in one of the best areas in Spain, surrounded by the best golf courses, magnificent beaches only 5 minutes away by car, hotels of maximum category and an exceptional climate that allows flying nearly all year round.

We operate from a magnificent asphalt airstrip 1000 meters long and 23 meters wide

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